Sertus Consulting Services for Home Rental Companies

  • A new and growing asset class of publicly traded, single-family home REITS has been building a portfolio worth billions in several US MSA’s (Metropolitan Statistical Areas).

  • Many owner/operators are striving to have a local in-market presence for property management/maintenance that is supported by a centralized, scalable “hardware/parts” supply infrastructure to drive efficiencies.„

  • There are various opportunities to increase profitability by rationalizing procurement activities to reduce the cost of hardware/parts and improve the time and cost of maintenance.„

  • A centralized preventative maintenance program supported by lower cost hardware/parts can increase customer satisfaction and reduce the incidence of costly repairs.

Sertus offers a full range of consulting services for companies to help reduce the costs of hardware/parts and meet pre-defined objectives that will create downstream value with the customer and an improved resident experience.


Supply chain solutions that are designed to :

o Improve Customer Engagement

o Eliminate Margin Stacking by Contractor or Wholesaler on Components

o Reduce Other Addressable Costs



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