Manufacturing Outsourcing for Inventors & Manufacturers

Offering on-the-ground, manufacturing outsourcing with practical design-to-delivery solutions that deliver bottom line results

While China is a leader in quality, low-cost manufacturing, and is one of the fastest growing, most important markets in the world, it can be nearly impossible to access due to language, distance and cultural barriers.  Sertus’ China Sourcing Experts have the experience, connections and manufacturing base to bring Inventors and Manufacturers all the advantages of China manufacturing, at the lowest possible price, without the typical challenges that so many companies and individuals face when outsourcing production.

Manufacturing Outsourcing

Tap into our Extended Enterprise.

Our channel relationships with suppliers and service providers are also part of our extended enterprise. Drawing on all of the competencies that we can harness, and through our offices in the US, Canada, China, and Latin America, we offer immediate and direct access to a single point of contact, speaking to you in your native language, and connecting you to our trusted global network.