Our Experience in Private Label Assistance

“The best sourcing channel we have found in China…a partner you can rely on” — Gerson Buss, Distribuidora Nacional, Brazil

“Sertus has effectively handled an important portion of our sourcing for many years now. Their boots-on-the ground and attention to detail let me focus on sales while they worry about managing my supply chain in China.” — Jason Cohen, Do-it-Best Panama

Private Label Assistance

Client: Acero Plus

Story: Acero Plus was a mid-sized steel and related construction products company when it approached Sertus in 2006 to help develop its lighting business. Sertus successfully led the development of a full line of bulbs that were introduced through Acero Plus’ existing channels.

Website: n/a

Client: Autobrillante

Story: Sertus helped Autobrillante realize considerable cost savings by providing creative procurement solutions and expanding their portfolio of products. We helped source competitive suppliers, coordinated artwork, design, and logistics for a number of different auto accessories under the Company’s private label brand.

Website: http://www.autobrillante.com/

Client: Casa & Construcao

Story: Sertus worked with CeC to develop a private label line of hand tools and kits that has grown from an initial 15 skus to over 100 skus and become an important part of this retailers sales. Sertus handled all of the supply chain management including: purchasing, production, consolidation, quality control, artwork and design development.

Website: http://www.cec.com.br/

Client: Cemento Progresso

Story: Guatemala’s leading cement company came to Sertus for help in developing a line of construction tools that they could use for promotional purposes. Sertus carried out in-house research, market analysis and interviews with their distributors to help identify the tools that would generate the most goodwill from the end user. Once the selections were defined, Sertus managed the entire program from design and development through delivery of the finished products in Guatemala.

Website: http://www.cementosprogreso.com/

Client: Circle Trading

Story: Once of Puerto Rico’s most successful electrical accessories distributor, Circle Trading turned to Sertus in 2005 for help in developing a full line of electrician’s tools that could compete directly with the leading brand in Puerto Rico, Klein Tools. Sertus performed a detailed analysis of the most profitable electrician’s tools and with these selections created the critical specs that would need to be met on each item so as to have a product line of equal or better quality than Klein Tools and at a 25% discount in selling price. The brand, design, visual identity and full supply chain strategy was developed, and Circle Trading now has one of the leading lines of electrician’s tools in the country.

Website: n/a

Client: Walmart

Story: In 2006, Sertus won a competitive bid to manage all of the hand tools under the private label line of retail giant Distribucion y Servicio (DyS) in Chile. Sertus identified all of the individual selections based on the most widely used household hand tools and on the profitability of each item for the retailer, ending up with a full line of over 50 SKUs. DyS was later acquired by Walmart and Sertus has continued to win the line review for this program that it developed, given the success of the program and the excellent service Sertus provides.

Website: http://corporate.walmart.com/our-story/locations/chile

Client: Distributadora Nacional

Story: Sertus works with Distributadora Nacional to help manage their supply chain needs as it relates to their entre DIY line of tools, hardware and home appliances. The results have been significant cost savings and numerous line extensions. Sertus helps with purchasing, production, consolidation, inventory management, quality control and artwork and design development.

Website: http://www.distribuidoranacional.com.br/

Client: Do It Best

Story: Sertus began working with Do-it-Best in Panama, helping to develop and launch a full line of handtools under the Trademaster brand. Selections were defined based on Do-it-Best client preferences and other criteria. Currently, Sertus manages over 50 SKUs for this line, coordinating all all design, procurement, quality assurance and quality control and has helped the retailer grow its market share by over 20% since the line was launched.

Website: http://www.doitcenter.com.pa/store/home.php

Client: National Diamond

Story: Sertus worked with National Diamond to develop a private label line of hand tools and kits. Sertus managed, purchasing, production, consolidation, quality control and artwork and design development. The result has been the development of a business that went from having no prescence in hand tools to now successfully selling over 30 different skus.

Website: http://www.nationaldiamondblade.com/

Client: Urrea

Story: In 2004 Sertus was hired to help manage competitive sourcing, quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) for an initial selection of SKUs under the SURTEK and URREA brands. Sertus helped reduce the Cost of Goods Sold on the items were awared by 25%, while making great improvements to spec. Because of excellent service and competitive procurement, Sertus grew its share of selections to over 500 SKUs and was the only supplier of China origin product for its professional brand, URREA.

Website: http://www.urreaprofessionaltools.com/urrea/index.php

Client: Cochez

Story: In 2007 Sertus began working with Cochez y cia and Novey to improve its hand tool private label, DURA+. Sertus research and design recommendations moved the line from under 30 SKUs to over 50 SKUs and added several extensions that helped position the line across all key DIY hand tool segments. The company is a leader in Panama of DIY hand tools and is working with Sertus to continue to increase its reach by intelligent additions to its line that serves a broader audience.

Website: http://www.cochezycia.com/