Sertus Contract Manufacturing

Sertus is a turnkey solution for contract manufacturing clients looking to develop a supply chain in China for new product designs or to shift location of production for existing assortments.

Contract Manufacturing, China product development, China product design, China product procurement

We bring an end-to-end visibility to the client, from design optimization, raw material selections and procurement to assembly and delivery, making the contract manufacturing experience as transparent and efficient as possible.

From concept to shelf, Sertus Contract Manufacturing Services simplifies the product development process. We help you shift location of production to China for your existing assortments and also help you to bring new or next generation innovations to life. Our team of engineers and our extended network of manufacturing relationships in China are brought together to help perfect development and delivery and do so at a competitive cost.

We will:

  • Evaluate concept details and define critical spec
  • Determine total cost and production alternatives
  • Perform supplier analysis and offer selection recommendations
  • Develop an appropriate IP strategy that helps to protect your patents and other IP from any infringements
  • Develop pre-production prototypes
  • Monitor production and delivery of the final product
  • Perform all QC inspections based on customized protocols and standards
  • Nurture and maintain positive relationships on your behalf with your suppliers