About Us

Sertus is a full service supply chain management company that focuses on end-to-end sourcing and related services for companies that currently buy or are looking to source Chinese product. We are a global firm serving clients in the Americas and Europe through a network of offices in China, the United States and Latin America.

Key Benefits

It is our unique approach and custom-made solutions that have helped many of the world’s largest organizations build profitable brands by sourcing the best products, minimizing costs and by improving time to market.

Sertus has helped many companies uncover and eliminate the hidden costs of doing business with Chinese manufacturers, enabling:

  • 98% on-time shipping
  • 99% success rate against quality objectives
  • Reduced total costs of procurement by 5%-20% across universe of clients

Sertus is recognized industry wide as being one of the most responsive companies of its kind. Working together, we can help you minimize time to market without sacrificing the assurances that our Total Quality System will provide, all while helping to reduce your overall costs of procurement.

Company Activities

Sertus has a long history of helping clients extract value from their China supply china along two distinct business lines:

Principal Trading

Sertus manages turn-key private label / OEM programs for retailers and wholesalers that includes the design of the label, selection/development of assortments, sourcing, purchasing, delivery and after-sales services.

Agency Services

Sertus provides supply chain management and contract manufacturing services for a wide range of companies doing business in China. We add value by providing our clients on-the-ground assistance in setting up an optimal supply chain, negotiating price and terms, and directly oversee inventory policies, reduce lead times, and ensure quality issues are controlled and exceptions identified at origin so as not to delay shipments.










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