Contract Manufacturing Services & Process

Sertus has a wealth of experience in helping clients bring new ideas to market via contract manufacturing services. We have worked with many inventors and manufacturers to develop new lines, innovative products, and enhancements to existing assortments. In addition to our in-house expertise, we have access to outside consultants from governmental agencies, universities and private firms representing many different industries. This experience and extended enterprise affords our clients the ability to take a product from concept to market at a fraction of the time and cost needed to do so elsewhere.

Product/Component Development

China Asia Sourcing Contract Manufacturing ServicesAt the development stage, Sertus’ China Sourcing Experts will help you evaluate concept details, review or aid in the creation of concept drawings, provide research on similar products and on component or raw material sources, offer preliminary bill of materials and cost analysis, and create or assist in the creation of computer aided design (CAD) mechanical drawings – all of this as part of our contract manufacturing services. We will also work with you to develop a model to test the functionality of the product, making any alternations as deemed necessary or as agreed.

Pre-Production Samples

Once the design is finalized and functionality assured, a control sample will be produced. Sertus will leverage its procurement resources and extended supplier relationships to identify appropriate vendors, finalize price negotiations (with the prototype vendor and components suppliers), audit of tooling materials to specification, offer timeline and schedule confirmation, develop tooling as required, coordinate the creation of your prototype, perform quality control, test functionality, analyze results and create an action plan for adjustments or for production.

Final Production and Delivery

Our purchasing teams have a clear process for placing orders that involves the execution of appropriate purchase agreements to protect you from performance shortfalls in delivery or quality and give you the assurance that you get what you ordered, when you need it. We have developed systematic and a theoretically rigorous, hands-on approach to ensure suppliers adhere to our performance standards and that these are reflected in control samples.

We integrate our control systems with information technology to monitor production. Our engineers and QC managers are deployed to each supplier location in order to ensure that product orders are being processed on time and without issue. A final QC inspection before delivery and follow-up by QA engineers help to identify and cure any delivery shortfalls and disruption risks. Our contract manufacturing services are comprehensive and structured to ensure all of the important processes are efficiently and effectively managed so that you get your product from concept to shelf quickly and as expected.

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