Sertus Supply Chain Management

Sertus offers a wide range of supply chain management services that are needed to establish and manage an effective and efficient supply chain in China.

Supply Chain Management

Sertus offers a suite of supply chain management field services that can be bundled or purchased a la carte. We help manage the supply chain as product and information move from client to supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler/retailer to consumer. We help our clients at each step of the process to shorten time to market, reduce costs and to improve the management of current resources as well as plan for future needs.

We will:

  • Help you make informed decisions when selecting suppliers
  • Negotiate and manage favorable payment terms
  • Manage your purchasing/procurement
  • Develop QC standards and protocols
  • Audit suppliers and inspect goods
  • Oversee production and manage delivery targets
  • Manage inventory and define best option shipping alternatives
  • Consolidate orders

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