Supply Chain Management Services & Processes

Supply Chain Management ServicesLong-distance management of multiple suppliers and the inevitable issues that arise during production can be a challenge, highlighting the need for quality supply chain management services. More and more international buyers are turning to Sertus to help manage this dynamic, control costs and improve efficiencies. We can streamline your sourcing process, diversify and assist you with your supply chain management, proactively engage suppliers on your behalf, control the quality of your shipments, offer subject matter expertise and information, and ultimately get you what you are looking for without hassles or headaches.

Sertus Supply Chain Management Services

Purchasing Centers

Sertus manages and operates both China based and global purchasing centers that provide our clients with a centralized purchasing office, multilingual and cross functional teams from a variety of disciplines, work schedules that meet your needs and hours that can accommodate multiple time zones. China Supply Chain Management ServicesSertus manages both outsourced centers, where we provide all staffing requirements that are dedicated to your account, as well as insourced centers, where we will set up an office for you and dedicate key Sertus staff to help train and manage your new hires. The choice is yours.

Quality Control

Need a trusted partner on the ground to monitor production and oversee QC for your products? Sertus can act as your on-site representative and work directly with you and your suppliers to set realistic quality objectives and implement the necessary steps and safeguards to ensure that your quality standards are met. We can perform supplier audits and factory evaluations utilizing our proprietary scoring system to grade your vendors, all as part of our supply chain management services we offer to our customers. A customized inspection schedule (pre-production, in-line, pre-shipment. container loading) is established to ensure your needs are covered.

Our Total Quality System (which is loosely based on the Eight Disciplined Problem Solving methodology) not only identifies problems in production, but is set up to fix them and make sure they are addressed so as to limit the chance of re-occurrence All of our inspectors, engineers, and auditors are trained in our proprietary Total Quality System protocols and utilize a variety of quality management tools including sampling plans and AQL, FMEA, SPC, MSA and Six Sigma management.


Asia China Product Private Label Procurement Logistics At Sertus, we take the headache out of supply chain logistics and allow our partners to focus on their core business activities. We can help you with warehousing, loading and transport monitoring, forwarder consolidations, customs clearance, master delivery schedules, optimization strategies and tracking systems that will raise visibility of product and reduce the freight factor of deliveries. Our focus is on process and delivery efficiencies and with our logistics services we can help you drive additional costs out of the supply chain.

Whether it’s purchasing, quality control or logistics, Sertus’ Supply Chain Management Services help to restore certainty and improve efficiency across your supply chain so you can go back to focusing on your customer and leave the challenges of international procurement to us.

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