Our Experience in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

“Sertus offered a turn-key solution to sourcing our dry-goods from China, including quality control, to ensure there are no delays in our production cycle while reducing costs.” — Charles Cassel – Chairman, Panache Beverages, Inc.

“Sertus handled our quality control for the entire China production of Kindle Cases and Accessories. We could not have built the business with Amazon that we have today without them.” — Stephen Heaven, Marware, USA

Client: Ace International Hardware

Story: Sertus began working with Ace International in 2004, providing supply chain management for their Ace brand of DIY tools. By concentrating more complicated items or those that required compliance with rigorous standards with Sertus, Ace was able to remove significant costs from their supply chain related to corrective quality control and the accompanying cost of shipment delays and brand dilution from stock outs and returns.

Website: http://www.acehardwareintl.com/

Client: Marware

Story: Marware is the leading supplier for Amazon Kindle cases and hired Sertus in 2010 to run quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) in China for these products. Sertus developed all quality assurance spec sheets and designed comprehensive quality control procedures based on Amazon criteria and stringent delivery deadlines that had to be met. The program, since the Sertus QC architecture was implemented, benefited from a vast improvement in lead times and marked reduction in returns and allowances.

Website: http://www.gomarblue.com/

Client: Casa & Construcao

Story: Sertus worked with CeC to develop a private label line of hand tools and kits that has grown from an initial 15 skus to over 100 skus and become an important part of this retailers sales. Sertus handled all of the supply chain management including: purchasing, production, consolidation, quality control, artwork and design development.

Website: http://www.cec.com.br/

Client: Distributadora Nacional

Story: Sertus works with Distributadora Nacional to help manage their supply chain needs as it relates to their entre DIY line of tools, hardware and home appliances. The results have been significant cost savings and numerous line extensions. Sertus helps with purchasing, production, consolidation, inventory management, quality control and artwork and design development.

Website: http://www.distribuidoranacional.com.br/

Client: Polishop

Story: Sertus helped this client who operates a chain of 100 retail locations and a home shopping network, expand their product offerings to include DIY items, beauty products and home appliances. Sertus identified suppliers, managed; purchasing, branding, artwork and line extensions.

Website: http://www.polishop.com.br/


Client: New Archery Products

Story: Sertus has successfully helped this large sporting goods wholesaler moving production from the United States to China. This has resulted in significant cost savings, streamline production and lower overhead. Sertus helped identify suppliers, consolidate production and warehousing, maintain uniform branding and artwork all while making sure strict quality standards were adhered to. This client has a very strong OEM business and by working with Sertus we have helped them expand this product offering to win business from big box retailer private label business.

Website: http://www.newarchery.com/

Client: Miyasato

Story: Sertus began working with Miyasato in 2013, helping them to reduce costs on a series of products that they were sourcing from China. Sertus found more competitive suppliers and implemented a comprehensive quality control program so as not to sacrifice quality in lieu of the more aggressive pricing. Today Sertus manages a number of programs for the Peruvian wholesaler.

Website: http://www.miyasato.com.pe/

Client: Modull

Story: Modull came to Sertus in 2009 when it was looking to move its sourcing of kitchen cabinetry, hardware and solid surfaces to China. Sertus’ Trade Show Services arranged a comprehensive agenda for Modull, introducing the company to a wide array of pre-qualified suppliers and their products. Sertus helped implement a number of custom alterations and ultimately set up an end-to-end China supply chain (including procurement, quality assurance, quality control, warehousing and delivery) for the full range of Modull’s products.

Website: http://www.modull.com/