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Private Label Services – A Process Made Simple.

Private Label Services, China Product Procurement, Private Label DevelopmentSertus has developed private labels for some of the world’s largest retailers and wholesalers, including Walmart, Do-it-Best, and many others. Using our IDEA® process to define, develop, deliver and refine upon the product positioning statement for the label, we have helped dozens of companies successfully launch new store brands in a wide variety of categories by utilizing our private label services.

Private Label Development (PLD) begins and ends with the consumer – our clients’ customer. We strive to understand the preferences and needs of the end buyer so that we can best serve our clients in creating value by both differentiating their assortments and driving higher profit margins.

Sertus Private Label Services – IDEA®


PLD must also contemplate the existing national brands that are currently being sold through your channels. A good/better/best inventory is performed to understand quality, trade dress, functional, feature and price point differences.


In today’s extremely competitive retail market, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Sertus has invested heavily in design capabilities to create products that are in touch with fast changing market trends. Our experience Private Label Services, Private Label Development with some of the world’s largest retailers demands that we continue to offer products that engage the consumer from first look.

We employ a cross-functional approach to industrial design that involves competencies from three important disciplines: art, engineering and marketing. Our approach tackles the important product attributes of style, function, quality and safety – all of which are critical to building brand longevity and growing sales. Our creative team will design the graphics used on product packaging from start to finish to give them a distinct look and personality. Depending on our client’s needs, our private label services range from brand creation (inclusive of the visual identity and all of the graphics & artwork) to the completion of the entire layout and photography. Sertus offers contemporary designs utilizing new methods and materials to yield fresh and efficient packaging – minimizing the footprint while maximizing impact.


Sertus manages thousands of channel relationships with suppliers and service providers, all of which form part of our extended enterprise. The Sertus Total Quality System, which is rigorously applied across all functions and departments within our organization, helps to ensure that quality assurance and quality control are deeply embedded into the entire PLD process. Sertus Relationship Management affords our partners (or brand owners) the luxury of tapping into the community of relationships that make up the supply chain with a single point of contact. Sertus Private Label Services makes it easy, relevant, reliable and effective and that is why our partners keep coming back.


Even after your label has been designed and delivered, we want to know how it is being received by the consumer. Sertus will work with you to monitor sales performance, preference migration, returns and any other important metric that we can use to modify your assortment features, spec or other attributes so as to better serve your clients needs.

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