Our Product Experience

OEM / Private Label Product Experience

Sertus is a full service supply chain management company with experience in a broad range of hardlines. While we began our company with a focus on hardware and hand-tools, the breadth and depth of our product experience has grown and now includes many categories to help you with your unique product needs. It is not uncommon for our account managers to have multiple relationships with each client, dealing with category managers across several product areas.

Our OEM / Private Label product experience includes, among others:

Contract Manufacturing Product Experience

In addition, Sertus has built up a number of core relationships with suppliers that have broad product experience with specific materials, including: plastics (injection and blow mold), carbon fiber, metals (molding and cutting), among others.  These relationships, when combined with our in-house engineering, supply chain management (SCM) and design capabilities, have allowed Sertus to develop a unique contract manufacturing capability that offers a one-stop-shop solution for our clients.

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