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Sertus Can Help You Source a Wide Range of Products from China

Asia China Product Procurement Sourcing Consulting AssistanceWhether you are looking for an in/out promo item, POP materials or a line extension to your existing assortments, the Sertus sourcing platform is set up to not only get you a competitive price but to also help you understand the complete cost structure of delivering your products direct to your DC or stores.

From product concept to merchandising to samples, Sertus walks you through what could otherwise be an apprehensive and confusing purchasing process and makes it a simple and successful experience.

Defining Product Specifications

Asia China Product Procurement Specification Quality ControlAn effective sourcing initiative must begin with a clear understanding of the product specifications, quality considerations, and target price. The more specific the information that can be compiled at the outset, the more accurate and appropriate the selection results. Not entirely clear on what you need? Not to worry.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure that a comprehensive bill of materials, critical specifications and standards are defined and built into our request for quotes (RFQs), purchase contracts, and all QA/QC protocols.

Merchandising and Factory Selection

Asia China Product Merchandising Factory Selection Management ServiceThe combination of our experienced merchandisers and our policy of owning only warehouse and packaging locations rather than manufacturing and production facilities gives Sertus the capability and flexibility to find the highest value solution for our clients.

Our selection process involves a rigorous analysis of every aspect of the manufacturer’s business, including: supplier relationships, component warehousing and controls, assembly, machinery, manufacturing SOP’s, certifications, testing capabilities/experience, financial strength, customer reach, location of production, and many other metrics.

By leveraging hundred’s of factory relationships that have been pre-qualified using our proprietary supplier ratings, Sertus strives to offer the most cost effective sourcing solution for each client.

Our Sourcing Specialists can help you with specific item or product quotes and are standing by and ready to help you find exactly what you need at the best price. Contact us to get started.

Asia China Product Procurement Sourcing Help Service

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