Six Tips for Manufacturing in China that You Must Read

6 Tips for Manufacturing in China via Inc.

The part of the article that really resonated with us:

Tip #2: “Being ThereFinding a contract manufacturer in China can be daunting. To set up the production of his needlepoint belt and accessories line, entrepreneur Taylor Llewellyn hopped on a plane to Beijing and knocked on doors there and in Hong Kong until he found the right partner.  That may work if you have good luck and are willing to do this repeatedly as your order matures. While Being There to manage your Manufacturing in China solution is optimal, a close second (and far more practical approach) is Finding a Partner You Can Trust (Tip #6). 

Our thoughts on the article:

Some great advice for anyone looking at Manufacturing in China who is just starting out. Visit China, visit potential suppliers, and follow a process. These are critical tips for anyone interested in China Sourcing. But the reality is that the barriers of distance, time, and culture make it very hard to execute a successful China Supply Chain Solution without running into problems and headaches. Taking the time to find someone trustworthy on the ground, whose interests are aligned with yours, and who has a multi-cultural organization and can bridge the culture gap is worth a hundred trips in person (and will cost you much less). 

6 Tips for Manufacturing in China

Our advice:

Since there are a number of trading companies that do employ Western Professionals, find the right one to work with so you can return far more than whatever the added cost of having an intermediary may bring, including: better terms and negotiating capabilities (being a local is a big advantage in price and payment negotiations), better quality control, better production management, among others. For anyone trying to bridge the culture gap and manage an efficient supply chain, getting to a good partner and one that can help you find and manage the best manufacturers is one of the best ways to approach China Product Procurement unless you are prepared to set up your own China operation.  In the complicated collectivist nature with zero-sum competition, having trusted partners on the ground to support and advocate for your causes can be the difference between success and failure for many organizations and brands.  Especially since most Chinese factories do not employ Western professionals – increasing the chances for miscommunication and misalignment of expectations leading to less than stellar results.

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