Private Label Tool Kits from China

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Private Label Tool Kits
Choose from hundreds of ready-to-order Tool Kit Options in multiple categories, including:


Private Label Tool Kits Offer Flexibility and Profits…

Having the flexibility to create and build your own private label tool kit can add significant profits to your bottom line.
Private labels generate a higher percentage of profit margins than national brands. This is true even when taking into consideration the costs of promotion and the distribution costs that the private-label owner incurs to promote and distribute the brand.

The quality level and selection of components can be adjusted to meet the target market and Sertus has extensive experience selling private labels to some of the largest retailers and wholesalers in the world, including: WalMart, Target, Ace, and many others.

…and Put Control Back in the Label Owner’s Hands.

Private label tool kits help put the control of your customer back into your hands:

Control over design, marketing, production and distribution – all of the decisions around these critically important development, marketing and sales functions are placed back squarely into the label owner’s hands;

Control over changing customer preferences and competitive positioning – private labels allow the brand owner to control the image, functionality and attributes of the product, offering a differentiated product or experience that helps build customer loyalty;

Control over the value proposition – as a private label owner you get to determine the value or perceived value of your products and in turn optimize your pricing and profits.