Purchasing Centers

An appreciating Reminbi (RMB) vs. the USD, raw material disruptions and cost inflation can quickly eat away value in the absence of an active supply chain management strategy when buying from China. Sertus Purchasing Centers offer our clients a wide range of benefits that help combat cost inflation, smooth out lead times, and hedge against currency movements. We leverage our vast purchasing power and relationships to help our clients improve payment terms and gross margins. We also streamline the purchasing process and squeeze out excess operating costs by managing complex purchasing activities for you. Our tried and legally tested purchase agreements give additional legal protection while ensuring clear communication of required specifications – all of which help to eliminate the hidden costs related to quality and production delays. Our Purchasing Center (PC) services are tailor made to each client’s specific needs. Understanding these needs and defining key performance indicators that are understandable, meaningful and measurable have helped Sertus’ clients build material value back into their supply chains.

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