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Asia China Product Retail Wholesale Sourcing ServicesThe income per capita of the Asian population has risen tremendously over the last decade and consumer wealth has been increasing. The emergence of the middle class, changing consumer preferences, and rapid globalization of culture have been strong drivers of domestic demand and have attracted foreign and domestic players to look more closely at Asian sales channels. Multinational retailers are continuing their entry under new retail banners, especially in China. However, gaining market entry can pose a significant challenge, especially if unfamiliar with the Chinese market, culture and regulatory requirements.

Customized Solutions

At Sertus, we are set up to help you with your entry into China. Our team of local professionals from a variety of disciplines, together with the network of relationships we have built across Asia, are ready to help you develop and implement an entry plan for your company. We recognize that foreign players wishing to enter China or any Asian country for the first time will have special and unique needs. So we help you design a pre-market entry and post-market entry plan that is aligned with your particular retail strategy in China.

Methodical Approach

We can help you conduct your feasibility study, develop your strategy and business plan, define your internal support structure, set up your local office and entity structure, mobilize your plan, and assist with local store openings or distribution. Our methodical approach our retail and wholesale services provide end-to-end support and are designed to assist you every step of the way in the pre and post implementation phases of your entry into China.

Asia China Product Procurement Sourcing Help Service

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