Product Procurement & Strategic Sourcing From China

Strategic China Product Procurement SourcingThe task of strategic sourcing and procurement can be labor intensive, cumbersome and costly. We will help remove the burden and simplify the procurement process. Sertus has developed deep strategic relationships with hundreds of leading manufacturers.  These relationships lend to our ability to deliver quality and innovation to our partners.  In addition, we leverage our vast purchasing power to secure highly competitive price points that help drive costs out of your supply chain.  Our procurement offices are structured to identify and secure the best supplier solution for any given product, whether it be a raw material, component or finished product that you seek.

Product Specification

A successful sourcing initiative must begin with a clear understanding of needs and of the priorities for the product you wish to source.  The more specific the information that can be compiled and communicated at the outset, the more accurate and appropriate the selection results.  This ultimately will save time and money.

Factory Selection

Our policy of owning only warehouse and packaging locations rather than manufacturing and production facilities provides us the flexibility to find the highest value solution for our clients.  At the sourcing stage, quality assurance and relationship managers help our customers identify the optimal supply solution.China Product Procurement Factory Selection Our selection process involves a rigorous analysis of every aspect of the manufacturer’s business, including: supplier relationships, component warehousing and controls, assembly, machinery, manufacturing SOPs, certifications, testing capabilities/experience, financial strength, customer reach, location of production, and many other metrics. We leverage our proprietary supplier ratings to help us categorize the manufacturer and to understand the likelihood of additional “hidden” expenses that must be considered when analyzing the cost of any solution.

Product Qualification

All products are tested before pricing to confirm that our partners’ needs can be met.  Quality accreditation processes and local customs requirements can vary by market, which is why quality assurance managers work closely with our sourcing specialists to ensure all critical specifications are clearly delineated as an integral part to any supply solution.  This often involves technical translations.  Because of our global reach, local market experience and multi-lingual capabilities, product qualification becomes a seamless extension of the procurement process for our clients.

Production Planning and Management

China Product Procurement Planning ManagementOnce suppliers and products have been selected and qualified, Sertus will handle all purchasing and ongoing production planning and management directly with the maker to ensure your goods are delivered on time and as per specification. The systems Sertus employs are iterative and proven, through years of repetition, revision and experience.  We extend this experience to our clients, giving you a clear cut competitive edge – lower costs, higher quality and less risk.  This is the Sertus difference.

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