The China Sourcing Experts

You can’t afford not to use our services.

At Sertus, our mission is to provide our clients turn-key, supply chain solutions that have a measurable impact on our customers’ bottom line.  In everything we do, we look to help our network partners drive additional revenues and/or reduce costs.

Plug into the network.

Sertus’ China Sourcing Experts offer you one of the most comprehensive networks of manufacturers and channel partners that can help squeeze costs out of your supply chain. With bridges to hundreds of factories, Sertus is able to help build profitable brands by sourcing the best products while minimizing costs.

Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

custom tailored solutionsAs a leading provider of value-added design, procurement, quality control and logistics services, we offer our partners custom-made solutions to meet real client needs. We also offer our partners access to certain well known, international brands and retail channels that are part of the Sertus portfolio.

We lose sleep so you rest easy.

Our proven QC experience and the systems we have built over the years help us to identify exceptions before they become problems. Our ICCP (Identify/Contain/Correct/Prevent) approach to quality control goes well beyond what most QC companies offer – we not only find the problems, but we fix them and make sure they are addressed so as to limit the chance of re-occurrence.

We are your local extended enterprise alternative.

To create an efficient and effective supply chain, you can’t get by with transactional exchanges. Our channel relationships with suppliers and service providers are also part of our extended enterprise. Drawing on all of the competencies that we can harness, and through our offices in the US, Canada, China, and Latin America, we offer immediate and direct access to a single point of contact, speaking to you in your native language, and connecting you to our trusted global network.

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