Sales Support: Logistics and Inbound Receipts

For manufacturer’s wishing to sell product into Asia, it is of paramount importance that shipments are inspected at destination prior to delivery to your customers. Often, shipments arrive in less than ideal condition. Without a comprehensive inbound receipt process that will identify quantity and quality discrepancies and rectify any inventory inaccuracies, it is almost certain that customer satisfaction will suffer.

Our logistics and inbound receipt services offer:

  • Thorough inbound inventory, confirming quantities and integrity of container
  • Quality Control inspections
  • Remedial services for non-compliant goods
  • Repackaging and assembly
  • Compliance reporting and analysis

China Asia Product Sales Logistics Inbound Receipts The key to Sertus inbound logistics is our attention to detail and our ability to offer containing, remedial and preventative solutions to quality problems detected during our inspection process.  All shipments are thoroughly inspected upon receipt using the Sertus Total Quality system and are efficiently moved through our facility and directly into the correct transportation mode.   Through our logistics and inbound receipts program, our clients are assured that only product meeting design specs and quality standards are delivered to the marketplace.  We work closely with our clients to identify issues early in the process, before it reaches your customer.

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