What is Your China Experience?

Raising China Procurement Expectations Starts with A Good Partner

We have always claimed that one of the biggest problems in China is that buyers allow their expectations over time to fall. People inherently like to feel good about their decisions, their work, and a decision to source from China is no different. Therefore, if happiness is in essence derived in part from obtaining results that are above our expectations, then logic would have it that people will naturally aim low when they consider their China procurement strategy. There are just too many horror stories. If it happened to them, then eventually it will probably happen to me. As a result, a general culture of complacency takes hold. Buyers feel somewhat helpless and expect some degree of disaster. But this doesn’t have to be this way. All you need is a partner that understands the importance of raising back these expectations and then working very diligently to exceed them by as much as possible, time after time.