Product Quality Control Expertise

Sertus provides Product Quality Control Expertise.

Asia China Product Manufacturing Quality ControlSupplier capability – and therefore your risk – varies immensely in Asia and with it the importance of good product quality control increases. If procurement risks are not controlled in a systematic fashion, then the impact on the overall supply chain can be significant. It can be so significant that it can potentially erase any price advantage that may have been the driving rationale behind your initial decision to source from Asia in the first place.

One of the biggest hidden costs that will quickly destroy value in your supply chain is poor quality.  However, it is also one of the most controllable and this is why product quality control is of paramount importance in any sourcing strategy.

Product Quality Control through the Sertus Total Quality System

Sertus’ Total Quality System is a proven, systematic hands-on methodology that has been developed over years of experience and has saved our clients costs not only related to returns, brand dilution, and disputes, but also, by catching and curing problems early, they have saved the expenses related to delays and higher inventory levels that many importers are required to carry when buying from Asia.

Product Inspection Services

Product Quality Control InspectionsOur product quality control inspections will give you the assurances you need to be certain the quality and integrity of your products are maintained and your lead times are met.  Our inspectors oversee the status and quality of your goods during all steps of production in order to ensure that all the requirements, and specifications you have given to a factory are being taken into account and implemented properly. The inspections are usually performed according to our Total Quality System, which is based on several international quality control standards such as ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003, AQL and ISO standards like ISO 2859-1. However, because every order is different and our clients have unique needs and requirements, we make sure that the inspections are customized to fit your criteria.

Supplier Audits and Factory Certifications

Factory selection is perhaps the most important decision in the sourcing process with the widest and most significant implications Asia China Product Sourcing Factory Evaluationon total cost. Our audit and certification services will help you to get the information you need in order to make an appropriate selection, including: verification of a supplier’s technical ability in terms of quality and capacity across a wide range of metrics (manufacturing systems, quality management/process, financials, references, and others); verification of a supplier’s adherence to ISO quality standards; and verification of workforce and working conditions to prevent exposure to a supplier’s code of conduct on human rights policies. If there are specific concerns related to your purchase order, Sertus will create a customized audit to certify that the supplier is equipped to handle your requests and meet the specific criteria noted in your purchase contract.

Laboratory Testing

China Product Quality Control Lab TestingAvoid unnecessary risks and have your products tested for compliance against relevant regulatory requirements at the origin so you don’t have to deal with costly penalties or customs problems at destination. Sertus can help you get your product tested as per international safety standards and your country specific norms. Though we are not a laboratory, we have many accredited partners in China and in Asia (well equipped ISO 17025 certified laboratories) that can handle all of your laboratory testing requirements. We will help you identify and select the appropriate labs and handle all paperwork and translations that most laboratories will require before agreeing to test your products.

Asia China Product Procurement Sourcing Help Service

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