• Sporting Goods Private Labels & Retail’s Demise

    The shuttering of sporting goods stores, and the high profile bankruptcy proceedings of Sports Authority, Eastern Mountain Sports, Bob’s Stores and Sport Chalet, are a sign of the times. Differentiate your brick-and-mortar operation or die. As sporting goods retailers reassess their position in the value chain, they have looked to sporting goods private labels as […]

  • Creative Packaging Designs for Private Label

    People most often underestimate the power, reach and influence of creatively designed packaging and the impact it can have on a private label. Private label packaging can help make the difference for the consumer at the shelf as to whether he/she buys your product or the one sold by your competitor. This is particularly true for […]

  • Archery & Hunting: Important Trends and How to Stay Ahead of the Competition

    Recent Challenges in Archery & Hunting The aggregate spend on hunting trips, accessories, and weapons has soared in recent years, up in the US over the last decade to just under $40 billion (from around $26 billion in 2006). However, the number of Americans that are participating in the sport has not grown over the […]

  • China Economic Woes and How Effective Supply Chain Management Mitigates Risks

    Over the past few months the news on China has been filled with gloomy economic forecasts. Speculation around devaluation, a stock market crash, continued rising wages, declining factory orders, and economic slowdown have dominated the headlines. Given the size of China’s economy, and considering its level of interconnectedness with global economy and the opacity with […]

  • Supply Chain Solutions for Archery, Hunting & Fishing

    Market Challenges Require Creative Hunting, Fishing & Archery Supply Chain Solutions Archery, Hunting and Fishing have been three sports that have always cut across generational, economic and geographic lines. Whether it has captured the passion of people for reasons of sustenance or simply for sport, archery, hunting and fishing bring immense enjoyment to millions of people today. Many […]

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of China Sourcing

    We get questions all the time from clients wanting to know the perils and pitfalls of doing business with China. We have written often about how to set up a solid supply chain with Chinese factories and offered key tips on China sourcing. So we thought now would be a good time, as we move […]

  • Six Tips for Manufacturing in China that You Must Read

    6 Tips for Manufacturing in China via Inc. The part of the article that really resonated with us: Tip #2: “Being There: Finding a contract manufacturer in China can be daunting. To set up the production of his needlepoint belt and accessories line, entrepreneur Taylor Llewellyn hopped on a plane to Beijing and knocked on doors […]

  • China Contract Manufacturing – How to Select a Valuable Partner

    Oscar Wilde is credited with saying “The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.”  For companies and individuals looking to manufacture products in China – and specifically those interested in China contract manufacturing – there is a lot of confusion when it comes to value. So often, people will confuse value […]

  • Selecting the Right Manufacturing Quality Control Partner

    “Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is…”   Max Ehrmann,  “Desiderata” There are numerous advantages to sourcing product from China that extend beyond the immediate benefits to gross margin. For many companies, the ability to focus on core activities […]

  • China Private Label Manufacturing: Client Spotlight

    In 2006, Sertus (The China Sourcing Experts) was introduced to a doctor based in Toronto, Canada, who had developed a growing business that involved the assembly and sales of specialty white label golf clubs for corporations, individuals and promotional events. Prior to being introduced to a product manufacturing specialist such as Sertus, MD Golf had […]