• Materials Outlook 2013

      2013 Global Outlook The fallout of the 2008-2009 crisis still lingers and has left a lasting impact on the global economy that will continue into 2013.  Global growth will have dropped to around 3 percent in 2012, which is reduction of about half a percentage point off the long-term trend since the crisis emerged. […]

  • What is Your China Experience?

    Raising China Procurement Expectations Starts with A Good Partner We have always claimed that one of the biggest problems in China is that buyers allow their expectations over time to fall. People inherently like to feel good about their decisions, their work, and a decision to source from China is no different. Therefore, if happiness […]

  • The Science of Samples

    When sourcing from China, samples play a key role.   They help ensure more accurate communication across the supply chain and offer a convenient way for the buyer, seller, and agents to overcome omissions or confusions on spec, language barriers, and ultimately achieve better results for  all involved parties.  They have a fundamental and positive influence […]

  • The Next China: China Inland

    China has for decades been among the world’s leading manufacturers and exporters, due mainly to its low labor and land costs.   However, over the last few years, the rate at which China labor costs have been growing, and the ever-increasing cost of land, has left many people to wonder if the reign of China as […]

  • Collaborative Quality Management – More than Just Controls

    We have often argued that quality derives from much more than good controls. Ultimately, controls are only one element in a dynamic process that will, if functioning properly, lead to high quality outputs with minimal production interventions. Just as well functioning societies have laws in place to govern socially acceptable behavior, in the quality world […]

  • Financing Your Chinese Imports

    Sourcing from China can be a daunting affair.  There are all sorts of hurdles and roadblocks that need to be navigated, made even more difficult by the vast cultural and geographic limitations of language, time, and distance.  But even once a reliable source has been identified and validated, the terms of trade agreed, and logistics […]

  • Continuous Improvement a Key to Successful Procurement

    Review and Improve guaranteed unsecured personal loan Our final and concluding piece of advice in managing a sourcing initiative overseas is to find time, after everything is done and before you are ready to place a repeat order, to review the process and look for a few key things you can improve.  Continuous improvement is […]

  • Selecting the Right Forwarder

    Shipping Your Products Your product is ready to ship, it has passed inspection and is ready to be picked up from the factory.  To manage the shipment to your home country you will need a capable freight forwarder – the last key piece to the puzzle.  There are many to choose from and they all […]

  • Placing the Order is Just the Beginning….

    Production Management and Inspections Once your order is placed, stay involved.  Understand the production process and what needs to happen in order to get your product from order to delivery.  In defining your Production and QC Strategy, you highlighted the key milestones that need to be reviewed during production.  Monitor how the factory is adhering […]